Somerville College offers a number of available practice rooms fit for playing, music based study, as well as providing a quiet place to relax. The most impressive of these areas is the College Chapel which has very recently been fitted with a breathtakingly beautiful, Steinway which is available for practice when booked in advance.


The new Steinway had its musical debut in a concert organised with postgraduates to "Send a Piano to Cuba" benefit concert, see below.


The chapel also boasts an organ fit for any young organ scholar, readily available for practice, though special request is needed for this - please contact the president directly for more information.


Both the Chapel and Park Music Room can be booked for rehearsals and private instrument practice. Details about how to book each venue are described below:

The Chapel - via a book in the Porters' Lodge in which you sign your name next to your desired time slot

Park Music Room - via your Nexus email account, follow the instructions in this guide: