Michaelmas Term 2015

15th October – Welcome committee meeting in Park JCR at 3.30pm

29th October – Open Mic Night in The Terrace Bar at 7.30pm

6th November – Freshers’ Concert in The Brittain Williams Room at 7pm

8th November – Remembrance Day Concert in The Chapel at 7.30pm

14th November – ‘5th Week Blues’ Jazz and Blues Night in The Chapel at 7.30pm

30th November – Christmas Cabaret in The Old College Bar at 7.30pm

Hilary Term 2016

12th February – Façade by William Walton, conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton, at 7.30pm in The Brittain Williams Room

26th February – Hardy’s Music, an evening of music and poetry inspired by the work of Thomas Hardy, exploring how music influenced Hardy’s writing and, in turn, how he influenced composers of the 20th century. 5pm in the Old College Bar

7th March – Trip to the Barbican in London to see a concert conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton. Tickets available from our President at a discounted rate for members of Somerville College. Concert details: